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    tabitha-about-pageWho We Are

    Tabitha Medical Center is a multi-specialty health facility devoted to providing high quality health care to all clients with a key focus on women and children. Our mission is to create a safe haven where individuals and families can access innovative, cost effective and thorough health care services.

    We offer contemporary health care delivered by a team of friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals across a number of specialties. Our team use advanced medical technologies in a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility. Our distinguished personnel have considerable international experience, high ethical standards and a strong commitment to the community. Hence, they are able to anticipate and meet the healthcare needs of the local and international community while maintaining global best practices in all aspects of service delivery.


    Our Patients

    Patients are at the heart of our business, we strive to provide excellent care to all without exception. Our services are based on the key principle of ‘putting patients first’; we recognize the absolute importance of treating each patient as an individual and adapting our medical advice/treatment accordingly.

    Our Mission

    To create a safe haven where our patients and families can access high quality healthcare services that are innovative, thorough and cost effective.

    Our Team

    We have a team of well-trained, certified, and dedicated professionals, with sterling qualification, global experience and sound ethical practice.

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    Our Platform

    We believe that, by empowering the individual through knowledge, we can improve health care in our community. To achieve this, we have set up an interactive forum by way of a BLOG. So you can read through our blogs and feel free to share some of the insights with friends and family on any of your social networks.

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  • Emergency Case

    If you need a doctor urgently, you can call our emergency number above for emergency service.
  • Wellness Center

    Tabitha Medical Center also offer Personalized whole body approach to health, Weight Loss Programs and more
  • Social Services

    We also offer Psychosocial support to individuals, families and the vulnerable, Patient Counseling, Post Discharge Planning and more
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  • Community Outreach

    We also carry out Public awareness activities(health fairs and seminars), Medical missions to low-income citizens and more
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